5 Signs You Need a Probate Attorney

About 50% of Americans believe that having a basic will is all it takes to protect them from a probate court after they die, according to Advance Capital Management. However, this isn’t true. Several situations can land you in probate court. These are the most common signs that you need a probate attorney.

1. Businesses Are in the Will

Businesses or complex assets instantly call for assistance from a probate lawyer. They can help you determine what to do with them when you’re gone in your will. These attorneys can assist families that don’t know what to do with them now that the owner is deceased.

2. You Disagree With the Will

To contest a will, you need a probate attorney. An experienced lawyer will be able to inform you of your rights regarding a loved one’s will and can help you get what is rightfully yours. Whenever you disagree with something to do with an estate, it’s important to schedule a consultation.

3. You Need Help Preparing Your Estate

An attorney does much more than handle a person’s will after passing away. They work with people to prepare their estate in the event of their death. This can include making a list of assets in the estate, preparing a will, and even finding an appraiser for property values. Your lawyer will have the names of any beneficiaries and contact information to notify them if the estate opens.

4. Complicated Situations

Anyone with a complicated situation should hire an attorney. For example, some people do not want specific family members to receive money. There’s a chance that those same family members can contest the will in probate court after you pass away. An attorney can advise you on the possible outcomes and how to achieve the desired outcome, even after you’re gone.

5. Estate Debt

Some people pass away with a lot of debt from their estate. Working with a lawyer regarding your or your loved one’s estate can help you learn this process. A lawyer will walk you through the entire process and be able to handle large portions of it so that you don’t have to.

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