The Freedom Plan™

Affordable Online Wills and Trusts: Safe, Fast and Guaranteed

The estate planning process is broken.

The Freedom Plan™ is the fix.

The Freedom Plan™ is a revolutionary new way to get estate planning done. Ideal for anyone in need of up to date Wills, Trusts or other estate planning documents, The Freedom Plan™ puts you in the driver’s seat of the process.

Slow. Expensive. Confusing. Inconvenient. Out-of-date. Inefficient. Time-consuming.

That’s how most people describe the process of creating an estate plan today.

Despite disruptive advances in technology and communication that have transformed many industries, the estate planning process has remained the same for more than a century. If you’ve ever tried to create an estate plan, you already know this. It’s a long and cumbersome process made worse by plodding lawyers who bill by the minute.

The most common estate plan, known as the “I love you plan” says this:

This plan shouldn’t have to cost a lot of money. Why? Because it’s a template that’s replicated over and over. All the lawyers do is change the names.

Some Truths: Estate Planning is simple, understandable and important.

The legal industry doesn’t make estate planning clear. Maybe that’s why more than 60% of people who need a plan don’t have one, and most who do have plans are ignoring outdated ones.

The issue is that the stakes are too high to let this continue. Someone’s mom or dad goes to an attorney to get their planning in place. They sit in the office while the attorney goes on about legal technicalities and how his or her plan will create protections for the family. Mom has been trying to get dad to deal with this for years, dad is feeling exposed and helpless. The attorney is organized and authoritative. With very little understanding on mom and dad’s part, they buy the attorney’s “pay me lots of money and it will be OK” pitch. But then after thousands of dollars and several signed documents later – mom and dad don’t understand what they bought – the attorney has made no promises or guarantees once the documents are signed. Maybe the attorney deeded the house into the trust – but they’ve done nothing to ensure the rest of the assets will avoid Probate. The only guarantee they offer is that they’ll be there to bill mom and dad when they call back to understand what they signed.

Estate Planning is about honoring mom and dad’s wishes. It’s about creating a plan that, even in the most vulnerable of circumstances, we’re honoring mom and dad’s wishes and dignity. But that’s not how it’s practiced today. Today’s estate planning model is set up for lawyers to feed off the cash cows of families facing life’s transitions. This era needs to end.

What’s the solution? It’s called The Freedom Plan™

The Freedom Plan™ fixes everything that’s wrong with estate planning.

When it comes to estate planning in Illinois and around the country, the Freedom Plan is truly a better way. It’s the best estate plan you’ll ever have and the only one you’ll ever need!

The Freedom Plan™. Estate planning simplified.

Follow the simple Plan questionaire by clicking the link below. There you will answer questions about your plans, family and finances – and in the end you’ll receive a completely FREE document that gives you a clear, visual representation of what your trust or probate plan looks like.