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The Heartland Law Firm​

Dedicated To Your Well-Being

Probate – Estate Planning – Elder Law - Trusts​

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What Do I Do Now…

That Mom and Dad are gone?

What happens NEXT.. ​

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When I die, how do I make sure

My assets go to my kids future?​

Probate – Estate Planning – Elder Law - Trusts​

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What Happens Now…

Who makes their medical decisions​?

When they’re incapacitated?​

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How We Make…

The Probate Process Fast, Easy & Simple

Probate – Estate Planning – Elder Law - Trusts​

More than Estate Planning… Well Being Planning…

I’m just like you.

My father suffered from a rapid decline due to Alzheimers.

Passing the results of my years of hard work to my kids and charities intact is important.

And managing my own final days is on my mind.

The difference is that I’ve had my personal legal skill-set to deal with these tough times, hard decisions, and life-altering situations.

But because of that I can offer you something that I’m sure drove you here today:

Education – because understanding the rules around whatever you’re going through is vital

Clarity – on the path forward. It’s the same path I and my clients have walked over the past 20 years, and we know the way.

Well-Being – is a term not used so often by law firms. But your well-being, that feeling of readiness and control, is paramount for The Heartland Law Firm’s team.

Probate, Financial Planning, Elder Law, Trusts and Will, Powers of Attorney – all these things are just terms to describe what’s between you and your peace of mind.

And we’re here to help.

Areas Of Practice

Estate Planning Simplified​

Estate planning isn’t just about what happens to your assets after you’re gone; it’s a comprehensive strategy for managing your entire financial life, from your physical property to your digital assets, both today and in the future. 

At Heartland Law Firm, we guide you through a maze of options that go beyond drafting a simple will. 

Our services include crafting customized trusts to minimize estate taxes, setting up guardianships to ensure your children are taken care of, and helping you navigate the complex probate process.

Estate planning is an evolving discipline that adapts to your life’s milestones—whether you’re just starting a family, acquiring wealth, or planning your retirement. Our experts are here to help you create a flexible, yet robust, estate plan that secures your legacy and provides peace of mind.

Estate Planning Simplified

The Freedom Plan was built from the ground up to make estate planning simple and EASILY understandable.

We’ve combined our decades of experience, and your most common questions, into a self-paced process that educates and simplifies at the same time.

All the while moving you toward the freedom from worry about about what happens between now and when you leave your inheritance to those that come after.

Elder Law and Elder Advocacy

ElderSmart is an Elder Advocacy Plan that helps families like yours through the legalfinancial, and personal challenges that accompany the transition into becoming an elderly person. When you work with us, we’ll provide you with the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary for you and your family.