Glenview IL Probate Lawyer

What is Probate?

We usually want to avoid Probate. Probate is a legal safety net for situations where an individual didn’t make a plan to distribute his or her assets.

Probate answers the question: “Who controls my stuff if I’m incapacitated?” and “Who owns my stuff, now that I’m gone?”

Rule 1: Avoid Probate!
Rule 2: If you can’t avoid it: expedite and minimize it!

How we help you in Probate situations:

  • Shorter time in probate.
  • Fewer court dates.
  • We begin by mapping out the probate process and then strategically simplify, combine and eliminate steps in the process. This gets your matter through the probate system surprise free, aggravation free and fast, all at a reasonable fee.

Let us help you avoid or minimize probate!

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