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Heartland Law Firm does more than just elder law. Our lawyer and attorney services provide help with all sorts of law and legal issues. Call us and ask!

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Elder Law Confusing?


The senior services landscape is confusing. The Heartland Law Firm’s attorneys can help with all sorts or elder law related planning. Give us a call and we can help.

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Business Planning?


Sometimes your may need and attorney or lawyer and think it is to expensive. Our attorney consultations are free, so give us a call.

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Why Plan?


Dear Friends -

As a young attorney, I came across hundreds of situations where families found themselves in agonizing situations that could have been avoided with a few minor planning steps on the front end.

It shows up in various ways: siblings bicker, communication stops. Mom and dad’s intentions and efforts are eroded. Tremendous missed opportunities: massive suffering instead … the sad thing is that it could have been avoided.

Nine years ago I had enough. Then and there I dedicated my professional life to helping families through transitions, and I formed The Heartland Law Firm to carry out this mission.

Life is short. I’m interested in reducing and avoiding suffering. My firm is dedicated to helping you and your family benefit from our expertise. Establishing a relationship with our firm is like buying a ticket for safe passage through life’s storms and across its raging rivers.

I love the line our country was founded on: “the pursuit of happiness”. My job is about putting up guardrails for you to facilitate your family’s pursuit of happiness.

In gratitude,

" Neeraj Agarwal "

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