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Episode #11 – The North Shore Village – Helping Seniors “age in place”

What are some of the issues with growing older and aging in place? Can you safely and comfortably remain in your home on your own and remain connected to others? Listen to this Heartland Law Firm podcast and find out how the North Shore Village might be able to help you do just that.

Marty Fogarty, as founder of the Heartland Law Firm, has committed himself to helping people deal sometimes difficult life transitions. In this series, Marty offers tips and information about the resources available for making such life passages easier. In this episode, Marty interviews, Tommi Ferguson, Executive Director of The North Shore Village, and Jackie Kimmel, an active member of the Village.

What is the North Shore Village?

Isolation and aging too often go together. It doesn’t have to. The Village Movement’s purpose is to help people remain in their homes as long they want to and can while remaining linked to others. The Village is not a place, but it is a community nonetheless.

Discover the origin of this movement that began in Boston. Find out how the local North Shore Village is fulfilling its mission to encourage social engagement and to provide needed services. Learn how this member-driven and nonprofit works. Hear about the Village’s need for volunteers to help deliver important services to keep members active.

In this Heartland Law Firm podcast

Listen as Marty and his guests explore:

  • What the Village Movement is, its history, and what how it serves the community.
  • How the North Shore Village can help you age in place and the different ways they can help you in remaining an active part of a community.
  • The variety of programs and services offered through the organization.
  • What it means to be a member of the North Shore Village and the different levels of membership and commitment.
  • Why volunteers are so important to the organization and its members.

Grab a cup of something, push the play button, sit back and enjoy the conversation. Join the host, Marty Fogarty, as he discusses with its executive director, Tommi Ferguson, and member, Jackie Kimmel all that is available through membership in the North Shore Village.

Once you’ve listened to the entire episode, be part of the discussion by leaving your questions and comments in the space below. If you know anyone who might benefit from this podcast, we encourage you to send it to them.


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