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Episode #10 – CJE – Real Solutions for Chicago Seniors

Marty Fogarty founded the Heartland Law Firm nearly a decade ago, and he sees firsthand the difficulty of moving between life’s transitions. The Heartland Law Firm is dedicated to helping families plan ahead so no one has to go through these transitions alone.

The Heartland Law Firm Podcast offers tips to help with legal issues to help during any phase of life. During this episode Marty interviews two of the professionals at CJE SeniorLife: Michele Mangrum, Marketing Manager, Sales and Customer Service and Kathy Stone, Community Liaison about services that CJE offers seniors and their families.

Real Solutions for Challenges Faced by Chicago’s Seniors

The Heartland Law Firm offers advice as people transition into later stages of life. There are other things that take priority, such as the well-being of a loved one going through this situation. This interview is an opportunity to learn how CJE supports the well-being of such families.

The episode kicks off with an understanding of what CJE is and what services its 750 employees it offers seniors in the metropolitan Chicago area. The services are designed to assist with a wide range of senior lifestyles. Michele and Kathy also answer these questions:

  • How many seniors in the Chicago area does CJE serve each year?
  • What types of short-term and long-term care does CJE provide?
  • Does CJE offer any types of community-based services for seniors?
  • Who is the target demographic of who CJE serves in Chicago?

Then Kathy and Michele describe the roles they fill at CJE SeniorLife, to support both the seniors in the community and their families as well as the operations of the organization itself.

What Brings Families to CJE SeniorLife?

Next Michelle explains the lifestyle preferences that cause Chicago seniors to seek out the services offered by CJE SeniorLife. Kathy chimes in with the importance of planning ahead for aging, and what services that CJE offers seniors in this specific phase of growing older.

The episode wraps up with an overview of what adult children of Chicago seniors can do to help find solutions for challenges that their parents are facing. Kathy explains that anyone facing a problem related to senior living can call 773-508-1000 and ask for “Entry Staff” to learn about services that CJE offers seniors.

Listen to the entire episode now and then please leave your questions and comments in the space below so we can discuss those with you. If you know anyone who can benefit from the information in this podcast, please forward it to them as well.


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