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Marty Fogarty

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Marty is the founder of The Heartland Law Firm as well as ElderSmart® – a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Marty’s spent nearly 30 years solving problems with others – as an attorney, confidant, mentor and business owner, friend, father and spouse.

Marty believes that life is a journey, and that the milestones along the way serve as transition points. During our lifetime – we all benefit from a relationship with someone who offers us supportive, caring expertise. The Heartland Law Firm is founded on this idea and its mission is to Enrich Lives in meaningful ways.

Marty is also an innovator. He is a leader in the “Elder Advocate” movement and has advocated for a new standard of elder law to be adopted by the legal industry: that “Elder Law without social work is an incomplete solution.” The Heartland Law Firm sees “Elder Law” as a subset of the “Elder Transition” It’s from this conviction that Marty founded ElderSmart® to support families through the Elder Transition.

Milestones that Marty helps individuals, families and business owners include:

  • Estate Planning of all levels (basic wills to complex trusts)
  • Business Succession
  • High Net Worth Tax Planning
  • The Elder Transition –Protecting your elderly oved one’s Well-Being; Family Care Plans, including Medicaid and VA Qualification.

Marty was born and raised in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, attended Fenwick High School in Oak Park, and The University of Illinois at Champaign. He received his Juris Doctor in 1989 from the Loyola School of Law in Chicago.

Marty lives in Glenview with his wife, four kids and dog.