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Estate Planning

First let’s agree what estate planning is:

I want to leave what I want to who I want, when I want, in the way I want, on my terms, with no surprises, for a completely disclosed fee.

How can Heartland Law Firm help you ensure that your estate planning is in order?

  1. We educate first, so that all of your decisions are educated decisions.
  2. We have as part of our offering, an ongoing support program for you to keep your plan doing its job for you, even when your circumstances or the law changes.
  3. We cap our fees, so that you’ll never have any surprises when it comes to administering your estate.
  4. We work with your advisors to ensure that your plan is consistent with the rest of your life planning.
  5. Finally, we offer a free, no obligation 16 point estate plan audit where we look in detail at your plan and ID the strengths and gaps of your plan.

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